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Signature Bead Bracelet

Signature Bead Bracelet

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Each bracelet boasts 8mm round natural beads, strung on a stretch elastic cord, ensuring both comfort and a secure fit. At the heart of this accessory lies the signature charm, measuring approximately 8 x 11mm. It's a symphony of intricacy and sophistication, embodying the essence of YINKA ORISAN's dedication to craftsmanship.


Lava Rock - Natural lava rock beads include naturally formed voids and irregular surfaces, making each bead unique. 

Sesame Jasper - Mint-green tones accented with black and brown specks in varying patterns. The stone is mostly opaque with occasional semi-translucent areas.

Russian Serpentine - Black and various tones of green with patterns.

Sodalite - Showcases medium to deep blue-violet shades, accented with white, grey or brown calcite. Sodalite is an opaque stone with a vitreous luster.


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