YINKA ORISAN began as young designer, Olayinka Oni-Orisan, creating custom pieces for friends and family in 2005. Born in Connecticut to Nigerian parents, Yinka describes the YINKA ORISAN design aesthetic as "a fusion of Nigerian and American culture". 
Today, it has evolved into a brand that infuses classic style with timeless luxury.
 YINKA ORISAN is a collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories inspired by art, architecture and culture.
Influenced by clean lines and bold geometric details found in West African wax fabrics, which she has been surrounded by her entire life, each YINKA ORISAN piece aims to transition seamlessly from trend to trend and season to season.
Each YINKA ORISAN piece is created by hand in New York City by skilled artisans. Honing her skills with experience at Nordstrom and Tiffany & Co., YINKA ORISAN was officially launched in 2014.
The AKEYNO Collection consists of pieces designed with a minimalist, but bold aesthetic, that is heavily influenced by Yinka's Nigerian heritage. The pieces reflect a combination of traditional tribal jewelry and contemporary styles.